• ***ACHTUNG/NEU: Verträge werden bereits ab 01.05.2020 ausgezahlt (plus Provision)!***
  • ***Provisions-Auszahlung ab 01.05.2020 alle 2 Wochen!***
  • ***ATTENTION / NEW: Contracts will be paid from May 1st, 2020 (plus commission)!***
  • ***Commission payment from May 1st, 2020 every two weeks!***


Welcome to the GlobalPensionFund, where as the first of its kind all contractual partners are secured by internationally highest possible legal claims, so-called legal opinions!

The GlobalPensionFund already offers you the chance to receive a pension in the form of a one-off payment directly and tax-free by 22.12.2020 at the latest. There are basically two variants available:

Sum insured € 100,000 per contract
one time costs
Contract security costs (1%) 1.000 € per contract
- we take care of it for you (0.75%) - 750 € per contract
thus you remain proportionate (0.25%) 250 € per contract
Paying out
Insurance 100.000 € per contract
- less profit for bank - 10.000 € per contract
- less profit for insurance - 5.000 € per contract
- our profit sharing - 5.000 € per contract
One time payment to you (your profit) 80.000 € per contract
plus recommendation commission 5.000 € per contract
Sum insured € 20.000 per contract
one time costs
Contract security costs (1%) 200 € per contract
- we take care of it for you (0.75%) - 150 € per contract
thus you remain proportionate (0.25%) 50 € per contract
Paying out
Insurance 20.000 € per contract
- less profit for bank - 2.000 € per contract
- less profit for insurance - 1.000 € per contract
- our profit sharing - 1.000 € per contract
One time payment to you (your profit) 16.000 € per contract
plus recommendation commission 1.000 € per contract
Liveticker GPF1
38.595 out of 100.000 contracts available
Liveticker GPF2
79.252 out of 200.000 contracts available
Minimum age 18 years
Maximum age unlimited
Nationality globally unlimited
ID documents ID card oder passport
Proof of address consumption bill (electricity, gas, IT)
Minimum contract number at least 1 contract (GPF1 or GPF2)
Minimum contract number per client at least 1 contract (GPF1 or GPF2)
Maximum number of contracts per client unlimited, if any contracts still available
Maximum referral commission unlimited, if any contracts still available
Payment (including commissions) within 3 working days incl. recommendation commissions, as soon as all contracts have been sold, but no later than 22.12.2020

About us

As a European consortium of the banking and insurance industry, we have already successfully completed an absolutely similar financial product in 2015, with a tranche of a total of 100,000 contracts.

Over the past few years, we have bought up a total of 300,000 private capital-forming pension policies, whose previous policyholders wanted to sell their insurance for a variety of reasons, as a sale would yield substantially more than the contractually agreed repurchase value on termination of insurance. In addition, a one-time prepayment penalty often increases the loss enormously when terminated.

As is generally the case with policy traders, we as initiators of GlobalPensionFund also have direct refinancers of the same credit line at our side who initially continued the policies, since the relatively high guaranteed interest in the policies generated a lucrative profit over the remainder of the contract. Our refinancers include some of the largest and safest private banks in the world.

Today in 2019, we are particularly proud to be able to offer GlobalPensionFund, which we initiated, online and globally to a broad clientele, since the maturity payments of all 300,000 contracts are ready for distribution, because all loans have been completely repaid by our lenders (refinancers)!

As our clients, you automatically become the sole beneficiary of the termination benefit or the sum insured (less the profits for the bank and insurance company and our own profit sharing).

Here we have the total volume of 14 billion euros sum insured into two financial products GPF1 and GPF2, which are disbursed independently in contract performance.

After the payment has been made, your profit will remain tax-exempt because, on the one hand, all pension insurance contracts were concluded before 2005 and, on the other hand, your pension payment is a direct one-time payment and not a monthly recurring pension payment!


The executing bank requires according to the international legitimacy test for new customers for the prevention of money laundering ("KYC - Know your customer") appropriate verification proofs for the disbursement of the insured sum to the respective beneficiaries - and thus to you - our clients.

Since neither we nor the executing bank are interested in verifying the verification of our clients, we have committed to the same contract review association that has already verified us and thus the GlobalPensionFund.

This assignment of external legal experts not only means lower costs for you and us due to the total number of 300,000 contracts in the portfolio, but also gives you the highest possible degree of certainty that the GlobalPensionFund is actually doing everything right.

Specifically, our clients receive a legal opinion prepared by the Contract Review Association, which establishes the legal existence of the GlobalPensionFund and ourselves as its initiators, the actual existence of € 14 billion in total disbursement as well as the power of disbursement confirmed verification of the client.

The GlobalPensionFund easily illustrates:
Pension insurance
300.000 total portofolio,
bought up and refinanced by private banks,
GPF1 = 100.000 pieces
GPF2 = 200.000 pieces
Payout amount EUR 14 billion, secured by one of the largest private banks in the world,
payment to clients guaranteed, possible even before 22.12.2020
Private capital forming clients will receive all insured sums and recommendation commissions completed by 22.12.2020 at the latest. Earlier payout will occur once all quantities of 100.000 pieces/GPF1 or 200.000 pieces/GPF2 have been sold.
Maximum possible security of all contractors through legal opinions, legal opinions on the actual existence of the GlobalPensionFund, legal opinions on the actual existence of the client



Q: I would like to be part of it! What do I have to do or what is the exact procedure?

A: If you are 18 or older, you have a valid ID and can verify your address, you may register. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email for security reasons. Then log in to your account to verify yourself.

ID document

Q: What is a passport? How long does an ID card still have to be valid? Do I have to re-upload an ID after expiration? Is a driver's license or provisional identity document valid as a valid identification document? In which format and in which size does the upload have to be made? What about name change or move?

A: We either accept an ID card or a passport with a validity of at least three months! Driver's license and temporary ID documents will not be accepted. A new upload is required after expiry or name change, e.g. by marriage or divorce! Our server accepts upload files of the file types JPG, JPEG or PDF with a maximum size of 5 MB per file.


Since none of the two financial products GPF1 or GPF2 of the GlobalPensionFund has been completed yet, no current client votes can be heard here, of course.
The following reviews are from clients of the pure offline business of this kind, which was successfully completed in 2015 and which can not receive any payments from the same initiators until 2025 due to the current and current regulations regarding the blocking period of ten years. In doing so, we explicitly informed some of our existing customers about the GlobalPensionFund and asked them to create a personal review for our new customers as authentically as possible, of which we may now publish some of the following:
Skepticism in moderation! With today´s knowledge that everything works just as it is described here, I would have bought much more contracts in 2015. But I was skeptical because friends said that everything can not be true. Nevertheless, I had bought enough contracts for me then, quite simply because everything was conclusive for me and what can I say: after the payment was made, I have bought a new condominium from it. I myself can not be here at the GPF due to the 10-year waiting period, but my skeptical friends from that time already!”
Mega commission! My wife and I always wanted to start our own business, but we lacked equity and a promotion required, at least in our industry, a certain equity ratio. Together, we had some contracts in 2015 and saw the opportunity in it, by simply recommending not only to make other people happy, but by the mega commission payments incidentally build a lucrative assets! Alone so we have paid over 200,000 euros in commissions and reliable as in the F.A.Q. indicated this also tax-free!”
Chance for Networker! Personally, I´ve never really been successful in network marketing, whether it's with crémes or dietary supplements. Maybe that's also because I always know that the last bite the dogs or when the trend is coming to an end, many new sales staff stay on their products sit and quickly times at least 200 EURO shot in the wind. What good is it if you can use the completely overpriced products for yourself? The opportunity here at the GPF, however, is enormous for a much wider range, because you are already in principle from 50 EURO plus fees and it can also build by recommendation its very own network!”
Payout virtually guaranteed! As a trained banker and independent financial advisor, I had invested personally in 2015 in the then offer. If you are more interested in the GPF, you will find all the information on the official homepage. It can be seen that the payment is even made independently of the sell-off of all contracts. These are almost the same conditions as in 2015. I am convinced that there will be no contracts left here at the GPF!”
Pension as we all earned it! So as a retiree, who had paid decades into the existing dilapidated pension system, it was always clear to me and my generation that a deserved retirement without additional private pension would not match the level of quality of life to enjoy that one has actually earned. As a former manager I enjoy my life today together with my wife, our children and grandchildren, whom we can make wonderful world trips possible thanks to the participation in 2015!”
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