Q: What is the GlobalPensionFund? Is this really an international pension fund? What is the available total capital?

A: Due to the naming, it is obvious that the GlobalPensionFund is a real fund. However, the word "fund" is also generally associated with capital. Global Pension is again equivalent to Global Pension. In fact, the GlobalPensionFund is Global Pensions Capital totaling 14 billion euros, which de facto exists as the pension insurance capital of all 300,000 private capital-forming pension schemes in the two financial products GPF1 and GPF2.

Q: Where did the 300,000 private pension policies and their policies come from? Why do not you pay the sum insured to yourself and your families?

A: A private capital-forming pension insurance makes sense for many people usually at a young age, so that they receive a pension through long-term deposits, a supplementary pension to enjoy a more pleasant lifestyle than would be possible only by a state or company pension. Over the years, however, a certain number of policyholders find that it is precisely this supplementary insurance that no longer fits in with their own life plan or better provision products exist on the market. But also the contributions too high or the desired pension amount may seem too low. Many people come to different stages of their life for various reasons to the decision to terminate their private pension insurance. In the event of such termination, the contractually agreed repurchase value is the maximum financial loss of the policyholder; Not infrequently, a so-called one-off prepayment penalty increases the loss even more. A very reasonable alternative to termination is clearly the sale of a private pension insurance to so-called policy traders. These companies, which specialize in the purchase and sale of private pension insurance, offer the policyholder a significantly higher amount than the traditional surrender value. As initiators of the GlobalPension Fund, we are legally excluded from any transfer to ourselves and may not use it to ourselves or our families as beneficiaries. By selling the transmission rights to our clients, we secure a lucrative share of 5% of the sum insured.

Financial Products

Q: Do you offer any other products besides the two financial products GPF1 and GPF2 now or in the future? If so, can I participate in it as well?

A: First of all, you should know that there are only a very small number of providers worldwide, such as us, who are legitimized by insurance companies to offer such financial products on such a large scale at all and to be able to handle them successfully. We were again given the trust already placed in 2015 by the respective insurance companies and we are proud to have won one of the most reliable contract review associations as a recurring cooperation partnership for us and our clients. The contractual framework regarding the 10-year retention period for returning clients has not changed. As a result, all of our new GlobalPensionFund clients have a unique opportunity to purchase any number of financial products from GPF1 and / or GPF2 as long as they are available. Specifically, we as initiators should only offer such a procedure after the successful completion of both financial products GPF1 and GPF2 from the year 2020 onwards. However, you as our clients will not be allowed to participate if you have already benefited from the GlobalPensionFund. A new edition basically depends on whether all contracts are completely sold out until the payment of the current financial products.

Q: I have a private pension insurance as a private person. Do you have any interest in buying?

A: Please understand that we have reached our total portfolio of 300,000 insurances and ask you, as a policy dealer, to refrain from such requests.


Q: What exactly am I buying here? How exactly is the deposit made? What payment options are there? Can I also pay with cryptocurrencies? Will I receive an invoice?

A: For each individual financial product GPF1 and GPF2, you acquire from our contractual partner, an independent contract review association, a secure legal right to payment of the respective insurance sum, which is equivalent to a guaranteed payout certificate.
For each individual contract you will receive an invoice from our contractual partner with the corresponding bank details. Please note that for security reasons bank transfer is the only payment option offered. The actual insurance policy you will receive together with the payout.


Q: When and how exactly will the payment of the GlobalPensionFund and my commission take place? What are taxes possibly incurred?

A: The payment of the GlobalPensionFund will be made no later than 22.12.2020 or earlier, provided that all 100,000 contracts from the financial product GPF1 or all 200,000 contracts from the financial product GPF2 have been sold out. An earlier payment before 22.12.2020 is valid for one of the two financial products GPF1 or GPF2, independently of each other. For example, if GPF1 were sold out before 12/12/2020, the payout for GPF1 would be immediate. The same applies of course to GPF2.
The effective date of payment is deemed to be the date of non-payment of all remaining contracts from the respective financial product GPF1 or GPF2 of 22.12.2020. At the latest by this date, all clients have to dispose of their payout and the commission, which is why the actual payment including commissions has to be made no later than three working days before 22.12.2020.
From a tax perspective, no tax is payable on all disbursements, as all 300,000 annuities have been taken out before 2005 and you receive your pension as a one-time payment rather than a monthly recurrent pension.
Commission payments are theoretically taxable in your country of residence, as they may be declared as income.
If you are interested in an alternative solution, we will gladly offer you a tax optimization concept through co-operation partners within our international network in a timely manner - that is, sufficiently early enough before payment - in which profits from outside are generally not taxable. Please refrain from inquiries until further notice. We will inform all clients in time.

Q: Where and when can I specify my bank account details for receiving withdrawals? Do I need proof for my bank of the exact origin of the money received? What documents do I need to provide for the payout and when exactly?

A: You do not take out any insurance here, but are paid the full sum insured already available through years of premium payments less the profits for bank, insurance and our profit participation. In good time before the payment is processed, you will find all the necessary documents to fill out and download in your customer area "MyGPF" under "My payment". First you enter your bank details for receiving the contract payments GPF1/GPF2 and decide whether you would prefer to receive your commission separately in a "tax-optimised foreign account".
Please understand that for legal reasons we can offer the "tax-optimised foreign account" exclusively for your commission payments and not for the contract payments GPF1/GPF2, which are tax-exempt anyway.
Your personal payout document will then be generated and is available for download. Please thoroughly check all the information contained in it before you print it out in triplicate, sign it and return one copy each to us, to the processing bank and to the insurance company, from which you will also receive the original insurance policies.


Q: I would like to be a part of it and become a client! What do I have to do and what is the exact procedure?

A: If you have already reached the age of 18, you have a corresponding identification document and can verify your address, you may register.
After registration, you will receive a confirmation email for security reasons.
Then log in to your account to verify yourself through various uploads. After a positive verification check, you still have to purchase at least one financial product (GPF1 or GPF2).
Please note that after registering, you will have a total of five working days to fully verify and purchase at least one financial product, otherwise you will be completely deleted from our system and blocked for future re-registrations.

ID card

Q: What is an ID card? How long does an ID card still have to be valid? Do I have to re-upload an ID after expiration? Is a driver's license or a provisional identity document also valid as an identity document? In which format and in which size does the upload have to be made? What should be considered when changing the name or moving?

A: We either accept an ID card or a passport with a validity of at least three months! Driver's license and temporary ID documents will not be accepted. Once a valid badge form has been uploaded, re-upload after expiration is no longer necessary, unless your name has changed, for example. changed by marriage or divorce. Our server accepts upload files of the file types JPG, JPEG or PDF with a maximum size of 5 MB per file.


Q: From when and how exactly can I recommend the GlobalPensionFund to someone? In what form is advertising allowed? Can I create banners or are they available? Which information may I basically forward?

A: Only with the status "active" you are welcome to recommend the GlobalPensionFund. You will receive an automatically generated individual referral link, which you can forward to friends, acquaintances, colleagues or family. Of course, you can also use the social media. Please note in principle that we do not tolerate mass mailing, recommendations to persons you do not personally know, or even spam, because the GlobalPensionFund is a thoroughly reputable financial product. As operator of a website you may integrate our existing recommendation banner into your website. In your own interest, pay attention to possible regulations within your country, if applicable. A note has to be made that this is advertising. In principle, no other information may be forwarded or made available to third parties and thus published in general, as all publicly available on our website. All internal and thus concrete information, ie those that are only made available to registered clients, may at no time be made available to third parties or made available to third parties due to the confidentiality and confidentiality clauses contained in the contract.

Client care

Q: How and where can I get help with questions or problems? Do you offer a newsletter? Where can I subscribe to this?

A: As a new client, we have made a great effort to compile all the necessary information about us, our service and the exact procedure - starting with the registration as a new customer up to the payout - on our website.
Please understand that our specially trained support team will only be available to you in German and English after registering for technical problems.
A newsletter system, which informs you once a week about news, is reserved exclusively for our already registered new customers.

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